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     Through her work, mixed-media artist Martina Marsella strives to create visual meditations.  In the images Marsella creates, she seeks to bring forth the rhythm and dynamics of her everyday life; purposefully choosing moments out of her day and transforming them into something out of the ordinary.        

     She discovers these moments in music, dance performances, everyday interactions, or in powerful pervading moods within architecture and landscape. Essentially her work is an attempt to catch and translate significant moments onto the canvas in a way that others may experience them as well. Her constant aspiration is to make time stand still in order for us to become aware, and to completely take in and celebrate precious moments of our lives that may otherwise pass by unnoticed.            

     She is always curious about the viewer’s encounter with her work; their perspective as well as their emotional responses and reflections in relation to it. The work Marsella creates is intended to generate a personal experience for each person who is exposed to it.          

     “My intention is to conserve emotional power on canvas in order to inspire, uplift, to raise the viewer’s energy level. My wish is to open up possibilities for positive change, for the personal enrichment of the viewer.  Only the viewer is able to tell if I have been successful in initiating a transformation or not.” To Marsella one of the most important and satisfying things in life is a constant effort to increase awareness as well as to develop one’s potential. For her all of this is created, nurtured and maintained through her work. 

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